Lee Griffiths, the father of slain San Diego teenager, Devin Griffiths, announced that he is contributing his own money to help in finding the perpetrators of his son’s death in January. 

Devin Griffiths, who had just turned 15 last year, was stabbed at a house party in Chula Vista after trying to break up a fight and prevent his friend from being attacked. 

However, there were no arrests, and the case remains unsolved. 

More than six months after his death, there is still no closure for his family and the investigators to his case. 

“I really need your help for my son,” Lee Griffiths pleaded on Thursday, in front of the Chula Vista Police Department Headquarters. 

Devin “was a very good kid,” and “a lot of people loved him”, his father said. 

Devin Griffiths

Devin Griffiths’ family will contribute an amount of $5,000 on the reward money for information about his Devin’s killers. 

The amount will be added to the $1000 reward offered by the San Diego Crime Stoppers.

“He was a good Samaritan,” Lt. Dan Peak of the Chula Vista Police Department said on Thursday. 

Peak added that Devin Griffiths was “trying to do the right thing” and was a kid who had “the rest of his life in front of him.”

Devin Griffiths family and friends attended a vigil for him in February. 

According to reports, people remembered him for being caring and respectful. 

What Happened on January 31st?

On January 31st, Devin Griffiths went to a house party in Chula Vista, his father said. 

At around 10 pm, an argument over a girl between two teenagers escalated to a physical fight, investigators said, as per an NBC report. 

According to the police, Devin was not initially involved in the argument and the fight. 

However, when he saw that his friend was in danger, Devin Griffith stepped in to help. 

As a result, he was stabbed numerous times. 

According to officers, the suspects fled in two unknown cars.

After the stabbing, Devin Griffiths was taken to the hospital where he passed away 16 days later.


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