Families plead to the Hong Kong government for freedom

Relatives of the twelve Hong Kong citizens detained in Mainland China gathered at Beijing’s liaison office in Hong Kong to plead for their family members’ return, AFP reported. 

Five of the detainees’ relatives gathered outside the liaison office. 

On August 23, the Chinese Coastguard arrested twelve Hong Kongers. They were on their way to Taiwan through a speedboat. 

The twelve are suspected of committing anti-government crimes for protesting against the Government last year, per a Reuters report. 

Reports said that Beijing detained the twelve at Shenzen, China. 

The petition from family members came after Luo Huining, a CCP member and a top official in Hong Kong’s statement about patriotism, AFP reported.

“Chinese patriotism is not a choice,” Lou said at a Banquet. 

In fact, it is “a duty and righteous path.” 

The statement came amid pro-democracy Hong Kong calls from activists, and ahead of the National Day that celebrates the founding of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). 

According to AFP, democracy activists cannot march on National Day.

On Tuesday, the liaison office released a statement accusing people of “spreading rumors” to organize demonstrations against them. 

According to authorities, they have been transparent about the detainees’ crimes. Also, they have offered assistance to their families, per Straits Times. 

However, according to the families, there was no assistance from the Hong Kong government, nor meetings with senior officials, per Times. 

Information Black Out 

According to the Times, the five family members want the return of their loved ones, meet with the authorities immediately, and reject “Government-appointed lawyers.”

The families also share, there’s a lack of information and update since their family members’ detainment in China.

One father of the detainee says he has no “information” about his son.

Another woman said that authorities told them “not to badger them anymore,” per AFP.

Moreover, the detainees have been denied access to lawyers appointed by their relatives, reports said. 


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