Facebook says it is making provisions to encourage people to vote to abate misinformation and to mitigate the possibility of “civil unrest” after the elections, as per Al Jazeera

No Content Alterations

The social network giant will continue to run political ads and allow campaigns that are already in the system but will restrain content adjustments.

Those ads will be in our Ads Library so “fact-checkers and journalists” will be able to “scrutinize” them, Mark Zuckerberg posted.

No To Premature Victories 

The Facebook CEO added that if candidates try to claim premature victory, people will be redirected via a link to the official results.

Facebook will pair up with “Reuters and the National Election Pool” so that “authoritative information about election results” is readily available, Zuckerberg posted.

No More Foreign Interference

Facebook, Google, Twitter, and other firms were taken by surprise by Russia in the 2016 US Presidential election interference, says Al Jazeera.

The aforementioned companies, therefore, put safeguards in place so it won’t happen again.

In 2016, we “encountered online efforts” by foreigners who want to meddle in our elections, Zuckerberg said on a post.

To prevent such attacks, Facebook has intensified its “security systems” and has one of the most sophisticated teams and systems in the world, he said.

“Just this week, we tore down “13 accounts and two pages” that were trying to deceive Americans and “amplify division,” the CEO continued.

Zuckerberg also said that Facebook groups associated with QAnon, known to spread conspiracy theories have been taken down.

Measures That Were Criticized

Authorities and Facebook‘s employees say the measures are not enough to stop the spread of misinformation.

Angelo Carusonef of Media Matters for America described it as being a pointless PR stunt, BBC reported.

“So, you can run a bad ad now, pause it and then reuse it that week,” tweeted the chief of the liberal media monitoring organization.

Facebook was previously criticized for its ads policy for letting politicians like Donald Trump post false information about voting.


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