Ferrari World Champion Driver, Fired

F1 four-time world champion, Sebastian Vettel, said he did not expect Ferrari’s decision not to keep him after this season.

This emerged after Ferrari announced the German would leave that he had never been offered a new contract, said CNN.

Vettel said:

“It was obviously a surprise to me when I got the call and Mattia [Binotto, Ferrari team boss].

“(He) told me there was no intention from the team to continue.

“We never got into any discussions.”

He added: “There was never an offer on the table and therefore there was no sticking point.”

Vettel’s Ferrari seat alongside Charles Leclerc will be taken in 2021 by McLaren’s Carlos Sainz.

Sainz’s position in turn will be filled by Daniel Ricciardo, currently at Renault.

Few Options Left

Vettel, turns 33 on Friday.

Sebastian Vettel

He is left without a contract for next season.

His only remaining realistic options limited to Mercedes and Renault, said the report.

However, Lewis Hamilton is expected to extend his stay at Mercedes and Valtteri Bottas.

Moreover, Mercedes said they are not interested in Vettel.

Meanwhile, Renault is currently not in a position to challenge the top three teams for victories and championships, said CNN.

Teammate Knows The Woes

Meanwhile, Leclerc has admitted he expects Ferrari to struggle this season.

He explained:

“It is going to be a very challenging season for us.

“We still have this question mark [about performance] and we have to wait for qualifying to see where we are.

“Even though we are 99% sure we are not going to be as strong as we were last year.”

Ferrari’s Major Car Redesign

Earlier, Ferrari said they will make a major redesign of their F1 car.

They were “forced” to redesign due to the flaws discovered since it ran in pre-season testing in February.

Team boss Binotto described the current car as “off the pace”.  

The first developments will not be seen until the third race of the season in Hungary in two weeks’ time.

Ferrari will do the two races in Austria this weekend and next with their car in the pre-season specification.


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