Will the former presidents’ action be enough to appease public’s distrust of vaccines?

Former US Presidents Barack Obama, George Bush, and Bill Clinton have all announced they will volunteer to get vaccinated in public for COVID-19, reports said. 

The three have joined forces to encourage the people to get vaccinated to show people they are safe and effective, per CNN. 

In a recent interview with SiriusXM, Obama shared he may “end up taking it on TV” so the public would know he trusts “this science.”

Both spokespersons of Bush and Clinton have also told CNN, they will get vaccinated in front of the cameras.

This is not the first time the three got together to show solidarity and unity amidst a crisis. In fact, the last time the three are together was during a tribute for civil rights leader, John Lewis. 

The three, during their speech, emphasized the importance of unity in the country. 

Vaccine Hesitancy in the US is Highest Among the Black Community

Vaccination has contributed a lot for society to move forward without the possibility of dying from different diseases such as measles and smallpox. 

However, in recent years, the World Health Organization (WHO) identifies vaccine hesitancy as one of the leading threats to global health. 

In the US and the UK, the number of people refusing it is increasing. According to reports, the reasons are the following: inconvenience in access, complacency, and lack of confidence with the vaccine.

Moreover, KFF, a non-profit organization for national health, found out that vaccine hesitancy is the highest among Black people. 

A recent survey found out that Black adults are less likely to get vaccinated compared to White and Hispanic adults.

The answer is the same even if the COVID-19 vaccine is free and already deemed safe by scientists. 

Obama shared during the SiriusXM interview that he understands why African-American communities are more skeptical than others. The skepticism dates back to 1932, during the Tuskegee experiment, when

the US Public Health service recruited 600 Black men to undergo a syphilis study without them knowing. 

Opinion: It Will Take More than Three Ex-Presidents to Change the People’s Mindset

With the three former presidents aboard the promotion, it looks like a good strategy to get everyone on board. 

However, the problem with the people’s hesitancy against vaccines would need more than the three ex-presidents’ confidence for science. 

It would need better education and continuous promotion to take away the stigma against vaccines. 

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