The featured image is the Twitter logo. The reason is that the social media platform officially banned Ex-KKK Chief David Duke. That is the focus of the article.

Duke, the former grand wizard of the white supremacist group, Ku Klux Klan, violated Twitter’s policy, according to Reuters.

The platform did not specify which post prompted the ban.

However, Duke certainly violated the code of conduct that forbids violence against individuals hinged on religion, race, or ethnicity.

Ku Klux Klan 101

This is the group where David Duke leads.

The KKK, as described by, is the oldest white supremacist organization in the United States.

This notorious far-right group dates back to the late 1860s Reconstruction period in the South.

KKK has very vocal views against Blacks, Jews, immigrants, and homosexuals. 

A Repeat Offender

The company declared that Duke’s account is “suspended” once and for all.

He repeatedly violated “the Twitter Rules on hateful conduct,” as per an Independent report.

David Duke’s Twitter account was suspended previously, less than a month after endorsing US President Donald Trump for re-election.

The Independent’s website describes Duke as a promoter of eccentric conspiracy theories.

One of which is that the world is under a Jewish syndicate that dictates politics, media, and the internet.

In an archived Twitter post, Duke wrote one such theory.

The truth is that “Google and Youtube are 100% owned and run by radical Zionists” who donate millions to support “Jewish causes and to pro-Israel-biased Wikipedia.”

It “has no impact” on the tech firm that “controls 85 percent of all Search engines. Got that? Goy?” He added. 

Duke of late accused the Centers for Disease Control of exaggerating death totals for political motives.

He also remarked that individuals who “refuse the mask are the real heroes.”

After endorsing Trump for re-election, Duke advised the president to replace Mike Pence with Fox’s Tucker Carlson as vice president.

President “Trump & (Carlson) Tucker” will surely “stop the commie Bolsheviks!” Duke tweeted.

There is no other “path to beat them! #TrumpTucker2020.”

Twitter said the ban was done, following a recently updated policy, AP reported, to reduce harmful links.

The company may suspend accounts dedicated to sharing hateful content or that try to get around its blocks on sharing links to the material, added Twitter.


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