The European Union’s High Representative, Josep Borrel said on a Friday press conference in Berlin that Russia should respect Belarusians’ democratic choice. 

“If Russia believes in the independence and sovereignty of nation-states,” Borrel said. 

They will “respect” Belarus’ “wishes and democratic choice.”

Borrel’s answer came after Russian President, Vladimir Putin announced he is willing to assist Belarus’ president, Alexander Lukashenko, only if “necessary.” 

According to Borell, he believes, “Russia is well aware” of the consequences of possibly intervening in Belarus’ situation.

It is solely for Belarusians to decide on their own future, he added. 

Early this month, protests erupted in the country of Belarus after its election committee announced another victory for Lukashenko.

People took to the streets to protest the result.

Lukashenko’s rival candidate, Svetlana Tikhanouskaya, also disputed the result. 

Russia Will Only Help Belarus If Things Become Out Of Control

Left to right: Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin

On Sunday, Lukashenko called Putin to inform him about the situation in Belarus. 

Belarus is currently taking measures to “normalize” the country’s situation, as per the Official English website of the President of Russia. 

During a call with Lukashenko and Putin, Lukashenko said that Russia “would honor all its obligations” to Belarus, Putin shared with the Rossiya TV channel. 

Putin created a “reserve group of law enforcement personnel” to honor what he said to Lukashenko, Putin told Rossiya. 

However, the group will not be deployed unless things become “uncontrollable,” Putin said. 

Putin cited the presence of “extremist elements” such as looting the country and burning private and public properties.

Right now, it is not necessary, he said.

The Belarusians should deal with the situation themselves, he said. 

According to Putin, Lukashenko is also open to revising Belarus’ Constitution, saying that he is amenable to creating a new one for Belarus.

However, the current Constitution should not be violated, he says. 


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