Entertainment Industry: Changing In The Blink Of An Eye


In a matter of a week, the entertainment industry has undergone very drastic changes.

Reason? All are in unison, upbeat, and unwavering in their support the people of color, particularly the African-American.

Sadly the death of George Floyd, in the hand of arresting police, is the catalyst for this social change.

So far:

You got the “Gone With The Wind” movie removed from HBO MAX, because is give a connotation that African-Americans are servants to the White race.

There is Lady Antebellum that shorten their band name into Lady A, because of the words association with slavery.

Even a beloved kids cartoon show the Looney Tunes are changing the image of two of its gun-toting characters, Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam, which is remotely associated with a drive-by shooting that disproportionately affects the Black communities.

The longest-running police oriented show, Cops, was canceled, since the law enforcers are currently in hot water following the death of Floyd.

The latest is the announcement that The Bachelor is casting Matt James as its very first African-American male lead. This is after 24 seasons of casting white male leads for the longest time.

This is just in a span of a week. 

So What’s Next?

It is an eddy whirlwind event that we are all witnessing at a breakneck speed.

It is concerning is that like another metaphor, the whirlpool, it all happened so fast that we do not have enough time to think and reflect that is just happening before our very eyes.

There is a genuine fear that it will just go down the drain.

The next thing you know: it is gone and no one cares anymore.

We, all of us, deep inside wanted to see some changes in our lives, and deep inside we believe that social justice for African-Americans is long overdue.

Let’s just hope it is all for the best, as we know the entertainment industry have some shady things going on behind the silver curtain.

Issues have the tendency to get swept under the rug the minute there is another hot news that comes along.

Because of this, much of the problems that plague the industry remain unresolved.

We can only hope these current social changes are not all superficial and are just the typical case of just joining the bandwagon and no ounce of sincerity anywhere. Or worst, as in the case in Hollywood, it is just a mere case of keeping up with the Joneses.



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