Elliot page next to the trans-flag

Canadian actor, Elliot Page, came out as trans on his Instagram on Tuesday. 

The Juno actor had came out as a gay person in 2014, during Time to Thrive in Las Vegas. 

During that time, Page shared he was “tired of hiding” and “lying by omission.” 

He also hopes his coming out can “make a difference” in helping others “have an easier and more hopeful time.” 

Now, after six years, the actor announced his pronouns are he and they. 

An announcement that is not really surprising to many but is still something worth celebrating and applauding. 

An Overwhelming Gratitude Amidst Fear

In the statement, Page shared he feels “overwhelming gratitude” for the people who have supported him on his journey. 

In fact, hours after he came out, the actor mostly got supporting words from fans, the LGBT community, and LGBT allies. 

Some prominent LGBT personalities like Bob the Drag Queen and Pose actress, Indya Moore, have both congratulated Page on his announcement. 

However, despite the overwhelming support, gratitude, and joy of coming out, the actor also shared he is scared of the negative experiences attached to being a transgender person. 

For example, invasiveness, jokes, hate, and violence he might experience as a transperson.

The actor also shared some statistics transgender people experience in the US. According to her, around 40 transgender people are reported to be murdered in 2020 alone. Moreover, the majority of them belong to the Black and Latin communities. With that in mind, Page called out in his post, political leaders who “criminalize trans health care” and deny trans of their rights. 

Page ended her letter with hope, telling other trans she “will do everything” she can to change the world for the better. 

Elliot page in an interview with IMDB

What Happens to Vanya? 

After Page came out, one question surfaced about her current project with Netflix. What happens to the actor’s character from the Netflix series, The Umbrella Academy‘s Vanya? 

According to Variety, Netflix will not recast the role of Vanya from the series nor are there plans to change her gender in the story. 

However, Netflix confirmed they would update Page’s name across all titles in the streaming service the actor had acted in.


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