Doornroosje, a local club in Nijmegen, Netherlands attempted to resume the nightlife in a post-coronavirus layout, according to a Reuters report. 

Social distancing rules are still in place, club goers are restricted to chairs and instead of the usual partying in the midnight, the participants get to party in the afternoon instead. 

During the event, short sets of electronic dance music were played. 

“It’s nice to play actually on a loud volume again, to see some familiar faces,” said DJ Davy Brandts. 

Some of the guests commented on the shows, “I expect amazing social dis-dancing!, said Nadie, who came to see DJ Odin. 

“I think it’s your perfect daily dose of music, like, 20 minutes is enough, yeah, sure” said Nuray Boga, “and it made me happy”. 

According to the Promoter, Jonathan Brand, the original plan is to let the guest dance while standing in place and still observing the 1.5meters apart rule. The local authorities didn’t think so, for now guests were only allowed to sit in chairs. 

A maximum of 30 guests were allowed inside the building at a time and the cover charge was 10 euros, including a drink. The club wanted to expand that number in July. 

The shows did not sell out. 


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