After delays and adjustments and four months of being closed, Disney finally reopened the Downtown Disney District to its guests. 

Disney fans flocked to the Downtown Disney District on Thursday morning for the famous theme park’s reopening. 

Some features of the park are not available to the guests. 

However, it did not stop the guests from visiting the park. 

Disney’s authorities have been posting updates on the phased reopening of its parks in the United States since last month. 

Furthermore, reminders of safety and changes are reiterated in their updates. 

During its reopening, different Disney social media outlets reported the safety measures being implemented in the park. 

One of them, MouseInfo posted the district’s new park features such as hand sanitizers in the vicinity. 

Aside from that, people have been social distancing while in line.

However, less than an hour into its opening, Disneyland News Today reported that “World of Disney is currently a mess”. 

As guests are not following the social distancing measures put by the management. 

The Disney World in Florida will begin its phased reopening following the Downtown District.

It will begin its phased reopening on Saturday. 

Public Reception

People have mixed reaction about the park’s reopening on Thursday.

Many people in social media are not that happy with the Downtown Disney District’s reopening. 

This is due to the still increasing cases of coronavirus in the United States. 

On the other hand, a lot of people were also excited about the park’s reopening. 

Some people camped out overnight before the park’s opening to be first in line. 

California’s COVID-19 Situation

As of Wednesday, Los Angeles got the highest number of people infected with the virus, said Johns Hopkins data. 

A few days ago, California Governor Gavin Newsom also ordered business restrictions in California.

This is due to the increasing cases of people afflicted with the virus.

Do you think Disney should keep reopening?


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