Dolly parton performing live in 2018

American singer Dolly Parton felt America has become so divided right now but hopes things will get better in the future. 

In an interview with Willie Geist on Sunday Today, the acclaimed artist shared her views on today’s world, some of her recent projects, and a revelation about one of her hit songs, “Jolene.” 

The 74-year-old singer has two new projects coming this holiday season. 

One is her upcoming Netflix holiday musical, “Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square,” and a new holiday album, “A Holly Dolly Christmas.” 

A Hopeful 2021

In her interview with Today, Parton shared she thinks people have “just become so divided, ‘cause people just seem to love to hate.” 

However, Parton also offers hope especially since the Christmas season is coming, and added that people “need to carry” that “spirit of peace on Earth.” 

“We need to carry that into the new year,” she told Today

She also added and hope that next year would be better than this year. 

Just early this year, the legendary country singer shared through an interview with Billboard her efforts to lessen hate even with her own way of doing things. 

In fact, even before the Black Lives Matter movement started to gain momentum this year, she has been making sure that there’s inclusivity in her projects. 

Two years ago, even before bands like Lady A (formerly Lady Antebellum) and the Chicks (formerly the Dixie Chicks) changed their band’s name to be more racially inclusive, Parton has already taken that step for her Dinner Attraction, the Stampede (formerly, Dixie Stampede). 

Dolly Parton live on TV in 1973

Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene

In her interview with Today, Parton also shared some interesting stuff about one of her hit songs, Jolene. 

According to her, the name came after a little girl with that name came to her for an autograph. 

Parton so loves the name that she kept on singing the name to remember it, and as soon as she got back on her bus, she wrote a song using the name. 

She also added that the story of Jolene in her song is about a pretty girl from the bank. 

Parton shared in past interviews that she was jealous of the bank girl in the early years of her marriage to her husband. 


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