In UK, dog breeders are worried with the surge of demands for dogs during lockdown, said a Reuters report.

British dog breeders fear that once lockdown is lifted, or its restrictions are eased, it is possible to see a rise in the number of dogs being sent to rescue centers.

People have spent almost three months being confined inside their houses, and according to some dog breeders, taking care of dogs during the lockdown might just be parents’ way of keeping their children entertained and preoccupied. 

According to the Kennel Club group, it has seen a 180% surge on the inquiries from people wanting to buy dogs during the lockdown.

The inquiries, which might have been good pre-lockdown, are now being dreaded by dog breeders.

Many dog breeders have become more cautious with people’s inquiries, checking the possible new owners’ information and rejecting people who seem like they haven’t really put much thought into taking care of dogs.

One dog breeder, Christine Biddlecombe said that inquiries usually go like, “I want a blue-eyed, black and white Siberian. I want a boy, how much is it and can I collect it tomorrow?”

Jenny Campbell, a dog breeder from Suffolk said that getting a dog is “a lifetime decision, not just COVID decision”.  


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