As I’m sure all of you are fully aware, the COVID-19 pandemic is here to stay.

The end is nowhere near in sight, and if you’re still waiting for your local Walmart open, without the “infringement of your human rights” by using a face mask, you have another thing coming. 

I, for one, have a perpetually positive outlook on what is to come.

Like Dorothy arriving in Oz, we’ll be able to see the world in full technicolor and finally be able to reassess what was failing back in ‘Kansas’.

Many countries have already felt the ecological effects on towns and cities.

Whether it’s dolphins returning to Venice, or the air that you feel far less heavy as you walk through whichever city you are living, the change is undeniable.

This doesn’t mean that staying indoors to live a hermit’s life is the way forward, but at least we may think twice before firing up the engine of the overpriced, overpowered, overcompensation machine that we are conditioned to believe that we need.

On top of this, we’ll see if these modes of transportation are really that necessary which brings me to my next point.


Businesses, if possible, have had to change the way in which they function.

The most obvious option for businesses is to have their teams working remotely.

For this reason we’ll be able to see how productive teams and offices really are with their time.

We’ll be able to see if that 45-minute meeting we had about whatever subject it was that most of the team won’t remember by Friday, could’ve been resolved with a short email that took 10 minutes to write and 5 minutes to read by the team (which by the way will be recorded for future reference).

I’m not saying that the office format will no longer exist, but it will definitely be up for review.


Also up for review is our healthcare system.

I am sure that I am not the only one who had a slightly runny nose over the past couple of months and thought; ‘the end is near’.

However, in this state of pandemic fear, the thought of a trip to the hospital can instill a state of panicked delirium.

With necessity being the mother of invention, the number of home gadgets to help diagnose any health issues, available via many well-respected internet stores, make sure it is necessary to leave the house and make the dreaded trip to the hospital.

This will have a positive effect on an already, overstressed, underpaid health care system.


As far as arts and events, the future remains uncertain.

For now we’ll have to make do with the watered-down, often low budgeted social media live stream.

The jury is out as far as live music goes I’m afraid.

The most obvious change we will see is to our personal hygiene.

Hand washing, seen as optional for certain undesirable individuals, is now, as it should’ve been before, a common place whenever arriving at your destination.

I don’t see the face mask going anywhere, much to the chagrin of some of you reading this now but here is my statement to you;

‘COVID-19 is real, wear a mask, don’t be a selfish (insert four letter word here)’.


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