Disney World picture was chosen because it is the focus of the article. It is a s if the picture entails welcoming everyone to Disney because of its reopening despite pandemic.

Disney World in Florida reopens after almost four months since its closure to stop the spread of COVID-19.

On Saturday, Disney World reopens its door to its guests. 

The reopening includes some of its parks such as the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. 

Epcot and Hollywood Studios will be reopening on Wednesday. 

Disney Downtown District has already reopened its doors a few days ago. 

An image of Disney World with people is inserted because of its reopening.

Safety Measures in Place

Before its reopening, Disney announced changes to its Disney parks to ensure the safety of its guests from COVID-19. 

To be able to enter the park, visitors need to make reservations. 

Upon entering the vicinity, all guests are required to undergo a temperature check before entering the park. 

There are also hand sanitizing stations in almost all parts of the park, from ride entrances to just about anywhere. 

Masks are also mandatory, except in relaxation stations where people can take a break while still social distancing. 

Moreover, there are also occasional announcements via the park’s PA system to remind the people of COVID-19 safety measures. 

People’s Reaction

Some people are happy with the park’s reopening. 

Thousands of guests visited the park during its first day of reopening, said a CNN report. 

“Disney did a great job” with its opening, said WDW Daily News. 

However, some people do not think that it’s a good idea.

Some people are also quick to notice the sudden spikes in Florida’s COVID-19 cases. 

Increasing Number of Cases in Florida

On Saturday, 10,360 new coronavirus cases were reported in Florida alone, as per an NBC report. 

Overall, Florida now has a total of 254,511 coronavirus cases in its state. 

4,197 new virus-related deaths were also reported on the same day. 

The recent spikes in Florida prompted a doctor’s group to gather outside Florida Governor Ron De Santis’ house on Friday. 

The group urged De Santis to issue an order for mandatory use of face masks all over the state.

However, De Santis maintains his position that local governments should be the ones to decide about it themselves. 


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