Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park will be delaying their phased reopening, Disney announced on Wednesday. 

A few weeks ago, the Disney’s management announced its plans to a phased reopening of its parks starting July 17th.

According to Disney, it is still awaiting the decision of the state and the local government.

However, the State of California reported that they will not be issuing guidelines “until sometime July 4th”, said a CNN report. 

Disney will provide more details on its reopening once information is available, said Disney in its statement. 

The news of the parks’ delayed reopening came after COVID-19 cases in California sudden spikes, said the report. 

There has been a 69% rise on COVID-19 in 2 days in California, said Governor Gavin Newsom on Wednesday. 

Los Angeles reported the highest number of confirmed cases in the United States on June 23rd. 

It reported 88, 512 COVID-19 cases in the said date, according to a Johns Hopkins University data.

Downtown Disney District Will Reopen On July 9th

Downtown Disney District will begin its reopening on July 9th, Disney announced. However, its hotels will remain closed until further notice. 

Moreover, there are updates to uphold social distancing in the park such as park reservation and pausing of new ticket sales.

Character meet-and-greets will also be temporarily unavailable, instead, it will be substituted with new ways to entertain the guests. 

Select attractions and experiences that encourage large crowds will also be temporarily unavailable. 


Petition To Delay

There is a petition launched by a Disney staff to delay the reopening of the parks “until it’s safe.”

The petition regarding the theme parks’ reopening have been posted in

According to the statement, “re-opening the theme parks is only putting” the “guests, employees and families” in danger. Adding that, “people are more important than making a profit”.

As of Thursday, there are already 9,298 signatures out of the needed 10,000 signatures for the petition.


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