The images of betsy devos and trump in one picture summarizes the article. the education secretary pushes for schools to reopen, as twitted by trump that they class opening will be this fall.

US Secretary of Education Betsy Devos did not clarify whether schools should follow the safety guidelines set up by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

On Sunday, during the CNN State of the Union segment, CNN correspondent Dana Bash asked Devos questions on reopening schools. 

Bash asked the education secretary whether schools should follow CDC’s school guidelines. 

However, Devos did not give a clear answer and emphasizes that those are just recommendations. 

“Every situation is going to look slightly different,” Devos said. 

Besides, schools can “figure out what is going to be right for their specific situation”. 

Bash also asked the education secretary if she can assure parents for their children’s safety back in school. 

“There is nothing in the data that would suggest that kids being back in school is dangerous,” answered Devos.

Bash also asked Devos on whether schools should impose remote learning for children in case coronavirus cases “flare-up”. 

“The go-to needs to be kids in school, in person, in the classroom,” answered the secretary. 

Children was included in this image because they are the heart of schools. Children wearing mask was chosen because their safety is a must, which in in this article education secretary has unclear plans about it.

CDC Guidelines and the Dangers of Opening Schools

The CDC released sets of guidelines for different sectors in the US to keep people safe from COVID-19. 

One sector is education.

CDC created a guideline for educators and school administration to protect students, teachers, and other school staff.  

Moreover, it has step-by-step instructions for schools in maintaining healthy environments, maintaining health operations, among others. 

However, despite these measures, reopening academic institutions such as schools and universities will be dangerous. 

Opening them would be the “highest risk” for the coronavirus spread, warned CDC, as per The New York Times. 

Trump Pushes for Schools’ Reopening

Trump’s calls for the reopening of schools coincides with the continuous surge of COVID-19 in the US.

Recently, Trump has been very vocal about his desire to fully reopen schools.

“Schools must be open in the fall,” he posted on his twitter account last Friday


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