Delta Airlines bans ex-Navy SEAL, Robert O’Neill, after he posted a picture of himself on a Delta plane wearing no mask. 

O’Neill, who claims to have shot the founder and leader of the militant group Al-Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden, posted this news on his Twitter account on Thursday.

“I just got banned from Delta for posting a picture. Wow,” O’Neill wrote on his Twitter account. 

The picture in question is deleted from O’Neill’s account now. 

It shows O’Neill without his mask on, and another guy on the plane with a mask on his face. 

Also, captioned along the photo is the phrase “I’m not a p—sy.”

According to an Associated Press report, O’Neill was in a connecting flight from Minneapolis to Newar, New Jersey when he took the photo.

In a later post, O’Neill explains that he has his mask with him, and it was on his lap when he took the picture.

He also said that “it was a joke.”

In 2014, O’Neill claims that his life is probably in danger after he went public with the deed of shooting Bin Laden. 

What Did Delta Say?

Delta confirmed the ban against O’Neill through a report by The Hill

According to them, all of its customers “traveling on Delta” has a prior commitment to “acknowledge” the airlines “updated travel policies” including “wearing a mask.”

Because of this commitment, people who cannot comply might get banned from flying in Delta

Bastian, Delta’s CEO, told Today in an interview that they had already put 100 names on its list of banned individuals because they did not wear a mask. 

Delta has been requiring its passengers and staff to wear a mask since May, its CEO Ed Bastian said in a Today interview. 

According to him, people “can’t board a plane” unless they have their mask on. 


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