Understaffed, unready, undone.  

Those are the reasons San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer cited on why the beaches of Del Mar and Solana remain closed on Monday.

In a press conference, Mayor Faulconer said all of the seaside counties have “unanimously” agreed on the policies they come up with however not all are ready for the reopening of the beaches.

He noted that the lifeguards are “tremendous” on polishing “how” to practice social distancing and public health professionals are more geared on “when” the policy should be implemented.

“That ‘how’ was one singular policy, that is our goal from the very beginning, we know there are a couple of cities, that I thinking are waiting for a couple of staffing issues,” Faulconer explained.

In a joint statement officials of Del Mar and Solana said, ” their beaches will remain closed until farther notice.”

San Diego along with other coastal cities reopened their beaches to the public, with a stricter social distancing measure being imposed.

Restrictions include only walking and running along the beaches/shorelines; there will be no stopping, sitting, or laying down. Swimming, surfing, and single-person paddle boarding and kayaking at the ocean; and, only single-person paddle boarding and kayaking are allowed and no swimming at the bay.

The boardwalk, piers, parking lots and the fiesta island remains closed.


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