The Boulevard Fitness based in University Heights has finally closed its business after months of defiance from its local officials, reports said. 

The business continued its operations for more than a month, despite restrictions and numerous orders from the county officials to close.

However, the gym abruptly closed its door on Wednesday. 

According to a CBS8 report, the gym also emailed its members on Wednesday about its temporary closure. 

“We have been fighting hard and doing everything we can,” the Gym’s owner, Shaw Gilbert wrote in the email obtained by CBS8.

Gilbert cited the gym’s “current fiscal situations” as the reason for its closure. 

Aside from that, the gym also cited “fines” that would prevent the gym from “being open.”

Action From The City Attorney’s Office

The reason for Boulevard Fitness’s sudden closure became clear due to a letter sent by the San Diego City Attorney’s Office. 

The letter was sent and signed by City Attorney, Mara Elliott. 

Gilbert “ignored the county’s orders to stop endangering the health of its members and the public,” Elliot told NBC

That is why the City Attorney’s Office “stepped in” to get immediate compliance, she added. 

According to a copy of the letter that was obtained by NBC 7, Gilbert will be fined $2500 daily “for each violation” if they will not close their business immediately. 

This is in addition to an “immediate shutdown” if Gilbert will not comply. 

It was also made clear in the letter that reports against the gym “came as a criminal complaint” to the Attorney’s office. 

Actions By The Local Government

Last month, Boulevard Fitness got a cease and desist order from the County’s Public Health office, to which they did not comply.

Early this month, after the gym’s non-compliance to the cease and desist order, county officials delivered another order for the gym’s immediate closure.

The gym still defied the new order. 

“I took a huge financial hit in May,” Gilbert told ABC 10 news last July. 

According to Gilbert, Governor Gavin Newsom’s state orders for businesses during the pandemic “is unlawful.”

“I find it criminal,” Gilbert added.


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