Data security services founded by Tim Berners Lee

It is not a secret that tech companies sell people’s personal data for revenue.

However, an internet pioneer offers an alternative for people to choose what happens to their own personal information. 

Most of the time, people logging in into other website has to use their Google or Facebook accounts. 

The logging in process, in turn, gives them a pass to track your activities on those websites. 

For some people, it doesn’t matter how those websites use their data to earn a profit.  

One can’t really get anything for free? Right? 

However, what if you want to protect your own data but also want to enjoy what the internet offers. 

Well, a startup company, Inrupt, might give you the answer for more privacy with data. 

In fact, according to Inrupt, their new technology offers individuals control over their data. 

Inrupt store’s your personal information in a separate place and only share necessary information with your consent on specific services that need it, CNET reported.

Also, it gives developers a chance to innovate in an open marketplace and organizations, a way to “create value for customers.”

Tim Berners Lee beside the logo of Inrupt

World Wide Web Founder Approves

One of the founders of Inrupt is a prominent person who has his involvement with the creation of the World Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee.  

Berners-Lee founded the World Wide Web while he was still in CERN in 1989. 

According to Inrupt, the company is working towards the world wide web vision of Berners-Lee, which is “a web of shared benefit, for everyone.”

Berners-Lee, for a long time, believes and defends Net Neutrality and openness of the web.

How it Works

Inrupt makes use of separate places where users can store their data through Solid’s pods. 

Solid is a technology that works a bit like other cloud technology like Google Drive, Dropbox, and iCloud. 

The only difference is that the person who owns the information stored in Solid’s pods have better control over them.

According to Solid, the data information does not stay in other people’s computers or the one’s who run the apps you are accessing.  


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