The picture is Daniel Lewis Lee. His execution is the focus of the article.

Daniel Lewis Lee of Oklahoma will face the lethal injection on Monday due to a 1996 crime he committed, said a CBS News report. 

The punishment will push through despite objections from the victims’ family, 

Lee and an accomplice were convicted of killing William Mueller, Mueller’s wife, Nancy, and Sarah Powell, an 8-year-old daughter of Nancy in Arkansas.

Lee, 47, killed the victims after torturing the family of three then dumped their bodies in a lake.

Lee’s execution was originally scheduled in December. 

US courts, however, put the brakes on the death sentence.

What Happened To Lee’s Accomplice?

Chevie Kehoe, the leader of a white supremacist group enlisted Lee, as per an Associated Press report. 

He and Lee stole guns and cash from the Muellers.

During the trial, Lee’s attorneys presented evidence to the court.

According to them, Kehoe killed Sarah and not Lee.

Kehoe was sentenced to three sentences of life in prison without parole and is now in a Colorado penitentiary.

An Eye For An Eye? Family and Relatives Differ.

Earlene Peterson, the 81-year-old mother of Nancy and grandmother of Sarah spoke against the execution in a video last year.

She agreed that Daniel “damaged” her life however she doesn’t think that “taking his life” will undo it. 

Other relatives of the victims are also strongly against the idea of the death penalty. 

The family requested its postponement.

The family asked the Justice Department and US President Donald Trump to discontinue the execution. 

In the first place, they have asked that Lee be imprisoned for life just like his accomplice, Kehoe said CBS News.

US Attorney General’s Opinion

The Justice Department must perform the sentences laid by the courts, US Attorney General William Barr told the Associated Press last week. 

Moreover, the court must provide a sense of closure to the victims and the community.

Not the Only One in Death Row 

Three other convicts are scheduled for July and August executions, as per The Sun. 

Wesley Ira Purkey was guilty of r**e and murder.

Dustin Lee Honken murdered 5 people in Iowa.

Keith Dwayne Nelson kidnapped, r***d, and strangled his victim to death.

All four of them, including Daniel Lee, committed a crime of killing children.

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