COVID-19 Rules For 4th Of July

San Diego County had laid out its plans for the 4th of July weekend in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

This is in connection with the closure order of some beaches in the state of California, said a CBS8 report.  

The beaches in Ventura, Los Angeles, and Orange County will be closed during the holiday weekend. 

But San Diego County beaches will remain open to the public during the holiday.

Beach goers are warned that the police will be enforcing the coronavirus rules.

Moreover, Oceanside and Encinitas announced that it will close the beach parking lots to minimize the large crowd.

Oceanside lifeguards said they have a lot on their hands.

As they report there will be high surf and rip currents are expected over the weekend.

Making water safety their priority, said the Oceanside lifeguards.

Lifeguards will leave enforcement of COVID-19 regulations to police, it added. 

Downtown San Diego Fireworks

Option 1: Celebrate At The Beach

It is customary for San Diegans to go to the beach on holidays, but there will be some changes due to the coronavirus pandemic.

So what’s to expect while on the beach?

The state will be distributing 10,000 masks.

There will be dispersed in each lifeguard tower and trucks to hand out to the public.

Though police will enforce the COVID-19 regulations, they will not be carding to ensure they belong to the same household.

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department said it will continue education and work towards voluntary compliance.

Adding anyone who violates the orders will be shared with the county health officer.

San Diego police’s Vice unit will still respond to complaints.

Option 2: Remain At Home

Though it has been a tradition to go to the beach to celebrate the holidays, this time it’s dissuaded.

To avoid the chance of contracting the coronavirus, remaining at home is still encouraged.

County Health Officer, Dr. Wilma Wooten, advised people to not leave their home to celebrate.

She also advised to only hang out with people in your household.

Here are ways to celebrate America’s 244th birthday at home.

How do you feel about San Diego’s 4th of July rules?


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