On Sunday, Brazil’s Health Ministry declared that they have reached 100,477 deaths while 3,013,412 have been infected with COVID-19.

Many Twitter users have commemorated the day by giving sympathy to those who have lost someone because of the virus.

They marked their messages with #100thousanddeaths. 

An NGO called Rio of Peace placed a hundred crosses in the sand together with a poster that asks: “Why are we the second in number of deaths?”

Following the United States, Brazil is the second country with the greatest number of cases of COVID-19.

Cases have grown since March, but President Jair Bolsonaro dismissed it as a “little flu”. 

He criticized precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the deadly virus such as social physical distancing. 

The president seems to even challenge the medical fact by hugging his supporters without a face mask. 

Bolsonaro said that a quarantine as suggested by public health officials would be detrimental to the country’s economy. 

In a span of 2 months, he lost 2 of his health ministers because of differences.

Since then, he installed a military general with no medical background to take over as a health minister.

He tested positive for the virus in July.

Way Foward

“The number [of COVID-19 deaths] is reaching 100,000. We are going to get on with life and look for a way to get away from this problem”, said Bolsonaro in a Facebook live video on Thursday.

Jair Bolsonaro

A psychiatrist and professor, Gisele Gus Manfro said that trivializing deaths as just statistics is disheartening for the country. 

Aside from health care workers that attend to the sick, other groups have stepped up to help those who have experienced a loss because of the virus. 

A website called Inumeráveis was created to commemorate those who have passed because of COVID-19. 

In the absence of wakes, a digital memorial can help people “To talk about their loved ones in a celebratory way, remembering funny moments with that person, for example, helps to improve the mourning process,” said Gabriel Veiga, social media specialist for Inumeráveis.


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