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Whoever wins the presidential race would be facing a much bigger problem than winning the presidential seat, managing COVID-19 in the US, which is getting worse daily.

While everybody’s focused on the election results, the US just broke its daily record for COVID-19 cases on Wednesday.

According to NBC News, the US reported at least 102,000 new cases of COVID-19 cases on Wednesday alone. 

The US has the highest number of COVID-19 cases and deaths in the world. 

As of writing, it has already reported around 9.4 million positive cases and around 233,000 deaths, per Johns Hopkins University data.  

According to reports, daily new cases in the US have increased by 45% for the past two weeks.

In addition, deaths too have increased by 15%, per the Guardian. 

US President Donald Trump, since the beginning of the pandemic, has downplayed the virus and focused more on the creation and waiting for a vaccine.

On the other hand, his rival, Joe Biden, has constantly worn masks in public and has expressed he would work to curb the infection if he won the elections. 

Patients in an intensive care facility

A Grim Future

A few days ago, US top infectious disease expert, Anthony Fauci, predicted a grim projection for COVID-19 in the country. 

Fauci had a wide-ranging interview with the Washington Post, where he also talked about the future of COVID-19 in the US. 

“It’s not a good situation,” he said, and the country is “in for a whole lot of hurt.”

The leading expert had forecasted that the US would be facing more than a hundred thousand cases daily as the country transitions into fall and winter. 

Also, more people would be “congregating at home indoors,” he said. 

Fauci, on the onset of the pandemic, has taken a more active role in its response.

However, he told the Post that the COVID-19 task force is meeting less frequently and has no longer regular access to Trump.  

In fact, Fauci, who has advised Trump a lot in the past, has not spoken to him since early October. 

Trump, instead, regularly meets with Dr. Scott Atlas, a neuroradiologist and advocate of herd immunity, per the interview.


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