German app popular, despite data privacy concerns.

Germany’s “Corona-Warn-App” has been downloaded 6.5 times in the first 24 hours since its launch.

Christian Klein is the chief executive of software company SAP.

According to Klein, “the strong public reception was testimony to the collaboration between teams from SAP and Deutsche Telekom that readied the Corona-Warn-App in just six weeks”. 

The application is “a big success, it scales, it’s user friendly and it helps society”, said Klein in a video briefing with journalists. Germany, joins its European neighbors in using applications to monitor and measure contacts between people in relation to the spread of the coronavirus.

Is It Safe?

During its launch people from Berlin seemed to be divided, said a Deutsche Welle(DW) report. 

Some elderly women even said that they won’t be downloading the application as they have concerns on its privacy settings. 

The German government said that the people who will download the app have full control over their data. 

According to DW, privacy has been a huge issue in the development of the application, given Germany’s history and its people’s experience on surveillance. However, according to the DW report, data is only locally stored in the  person’s smartphone and its encryption cannot even be viewed by the owner of the phone. In addition, the data is automatically deleted after two weeks. 

Some users think that health is more important than data privacy, but some users who have decided to download the app have had problems with its accessibility. According to a report from DW, people complained that the application is geo-blocked, and people had to manually change their location to Germany to download it. 

SAP and Deutsche Telekom said that it would take a few more weeks before the application can be downloaded without the geo-block problem. 

If the COVID-19 app’s data privacy is concerning, why is it so popular?

Currently, Germany has around 190,000 confirmed coronavirus cases, and 8,927 deaths.


Do you think this app is safe?

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