San Diego County’s Air Pollution Control District (APCD) has selected projects from different organizations to assist in cleaning the air of pollution and greenhouse gas. 

The District has selected 138 projects to assist in improving the air quality in the county. 

The projects chosen by APCD will receive $21.3 million in grants, the County News Center reported. 

The projects aim to clear the local skies of around “692 tons of climate-changing, greenhouse gas and pollution” approximately “the weight of six space shuttle spacecrafts.”

The funding for the projects will come from California’s Air Resources Board and the Department of Motor Vehicles. 

However, the organizations need to complete the projects before getting reimbursement from the funders. 

According to them, once completed, the local air will significantly improve “over their lifetime.”

The projects will assist in preventing emissions of Nitrogen engine emissions (NOx), reactive Organic Gases(ROG), and Diesel particulate matter (PM). 

Around $14.3 million of the grant money will target the Portside Environmental Justice Neighborhood communities and disadvantaged communities, assigned by the state. 

On the other hand, the additional remaining grant money will be used to improve vehicles for 36 different organizations. 

Vehicle improvement will include agricultural and marine equipment and off-road vehicles. 

These include Portside communities of Logan Heights, San Ysidro, and El Cajon. 

According to the report, the grants are also part of the “Clean Air for All” Campaign, which launched last year. 

What Is The Clean Air For All Campaign?

The campaign was launched last year with the help of Supervisors, Nathan Fletcher, and Greg Cox. 

The campaign aims to reduce high emissions from vehicles all over the county.

To be able to do this, non-profit organizations, businesses, and government offices will be allowed to replace their current vehicles with climate-friendly alternatives. 

The campaign, according to Fletcher, is an “important action” for the county, in tackling climate change and improving air quality. 


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