San Diego CIty Council approves Mayor Faulconer's $22.5 million dollar fund, for the homeless.

The City Council approved Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s fund for $22.5 million in State Homeless Housing, Assistance, and Prevention (HHAP).

“Cities are on the frontlines of addressing homelessness across our state,” Mayor Faulconer said in a press release.

Other mayors in California also pushed for more state homeless funding, click here to see who.

Council Approves Mayor Faulconer's Fund For Homeless. 

Quote by Mayor Faulconer

Where Is The Money Going?

According to the Mayor, the funding will go toward the Operations and programming, including the City’s bridge shelter program and youth-serving programs; Rental assistance or subsidies, such as Rapid Re-housing assistance; Outreach Services, such as housing navigation and storage for personal belongings;

Funding will also go to the Prevention and diversion and other programs, which includes the Safe Parking Program, the Downtown San Diego Partnership’s Family Reunification Program, and Prosecution and Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion Services

HHAP funding is a $650 million state block grant program with $275 million dedicated for financial assistance to large cities as they tackle the statewide homeless crisis.

What Else Did The Council Do?

The City Council also approved several other homelessness-related items.

This includes agreements for the San Diego Housing Commission (SDHC) to continue managing contracts for three City programs – the Bridge Shelter Program, Safe Parking Program, and Transitional Storage Program – that have garnered state and national interest.

SDHC President and CEO Richard C. Gentry said, “These programs continue and expand the San Diego Housing Commission’s longstanding partnership with the City to address homelessness.”

“Our ongoing work with the Mayor and the City Council on these and additional innovative solutions continues to support the objectives of the City’s Community Action Plan on Homelessness,” he added.

San Diego was one of the only major counties in California that saw a reduction in homelessness in 2019. With the City Council approving Mayor Faulconer’s fund, there may be another reduction in homelessness.

The recently released 2020 Point-In-Time-Count said San Diego continued that progress with an additional 6 percent reduction.

Mayor Faulconer recently asked the public to be vigilant as more facilities reopen, to keep hospitals from being overwhelmed. Click here to find out more.


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