Costco Wholesale will discontinue stocking and selling Palmetto Cheese, after the cheese brand’s owner, Brian Henry’s criticism of the Black Lives Matter movement on Facebook. 

Tiffany Andrews, Henry’s spokesperson, confirmed the decision.  

Henry is also the Mayor of Pawleys Island in South Carolina’s Georgetown County. 

Costco deleted Palmetto Cheese from its website.

However, according to Andrews, the products will remain on Costco’s shelves until they are sold out, Myrtle Beach Online reported. 

The Mayor is also optimistic that Palmetto Cheese will return to Costco’s stores in the near future. 

The Facebook Post in Question 

Three weeks ago, Henry, called BLM and Antifa “terror organizations” in a now-deleted post on Facebook.  

Henry first called out the lack of outrage over the death of “two white people” shot by a Black man, in Georgetown. 

According to Henry, the two were innocent people, “not 2 thugs or people wanted on multiple warrants.”

Henry went on to promote “law and order, protection of liberty, and (the) right of peaceful enjoyment.” 

“All lives matter,” he said, adding a question if what he said makes him a racist. 

“I think not,” said. 

The mayor has since then issued an apology for his post. 

According to Henry, he regrets that people “misinterpreted” his post and seen as “rationally insensitive,” Live 5 News reported. 

He also assured people that his wife and him “care deeply about the Black community” in their town. 

Moreover, like other people, he is “deeply frustrated with the racial division and unrest” in the country.  

Outrage Over the Insensitive Post

The Mayor’s post sparked outrage among the people and a call to his resignation. 

People pointed out the stark comparison between Black and White people. 

“I think that is reckless,” said Jacquelin Williams from Georgetown County, per Live 5 News. 

Moreover, it “perpetuates the cycle of racism” in the US and the community. 

Williams also pointed out that being gunned defensively is something Black people deal with “every single day.” 

On Monday, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People in Georgetown protested for the Mayor’s resignation. 


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