Georgia cop goes viral after expressing her nervousness.

Last Wednesday, Stacey, a Georgia cop, posted a video of herself.

It went viral.

Stacey stated, “I had already done my mobile order so that, you know, people don’t pay for my stuff, I just always like to pay for it myself”. She mentions the location where she planned to pick up her food. (Loves, Ford Ave, Richmond Hill)

In the video, Stacey claims to have been “waiting, and waiting, and waiting” for her McMuffin, hash brown, and coffee.

She says when the employee came out, she only handed her a coffee.

“That’s all she hands me is the coffee,” She said, while in tears. “I said, ‘Don’t bother with the food because right now I’m too nervous to take it!’ It doesn’t matter how many hours I’ve been up. It doesn’t matter what I’ve done for anyone. Right now, I’m too nervous to take a meal from McDonald’s because I can’t see it being made!”


Ann@tkag2020_ann, a Twitter user, tweeted:

“Stacey who has been a cop for 15 yrs went to @McDonalds She paid for it in advance and this is how she gets treated for being a cop. Come on America. We are better than this.”

As of the moment, the post has reached 113.8K retweets and 51.5K likes. Commenters on the post have different sides, some sided with the officer, but many don’t think cops should be having mental breakdowns over employee service.

Here Are Some Of The Replies The Video Received:

“I don’t know which is my favorite part about this that the cop is treating the idea that she had to wait for an egg McMuffin like it’s a serious violation of her humanity or that she’s basing this all on a hoax some other cops put on at a shake shack”Guillotine Now@CreativeMrPen

“This is what gets you mad? Not all the extrajudicial murder of people by the police? A cop having to wait for a McMuffin during the breakfast rush?
They don’t make it when you order it via the app, by the way. They don’t make your food when you get there and check in…
Louisa @LouisatheLast

“While it’s easy to mock this cop for being worked up over a #McMuffin, you can impute that this isn’t about the McMuffin but the headspace of decent cops who are being used as punching bags because of bad cops & demonized for their existence. Losing perspective. Disturbing.” –Ed the Sock @EdtheSock


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