Trump Photo-Op

WRITER ANALYSIS: Controversy has been provoked due to the use of, or lack-there-of, over DC police and now infamous photo-op.

There is a list of alphabet soup law enforcement agencies in Washington DC. Yet the White House chose to use outside resources to secure the most important real estate in the capital.

Before we state the reason why, here is the list of law enforcement agencies in the capital alone; Bureau of Printing and Engraving Police, Smithsonian Institution Police, U.S. Supreme Court Police, U.S. Capitol Police, Police from different Universities.

The list goes on… District of Columbia Housing Authority Office of Public Safety, District of Columbia Protective Services Division, Washington National Cathedral Police, and many more.

The capital is basically ​saturated with law enforcement.

The USA Today reported that Attorney General William Barr summoned a variation of law enforcement​ departments​; in an attempt to disperse the crowd that converged near the White House. This is in response to President Donald Trump’s photo-op at the nearby St. John’s Church.

With all the police bureaus available to Washington DC, why was there a need to bring in other outside agencies?

First, the endemic police in the capital can only be controlled by the agencies that created it. Their jurisdiction can only go as far as their agencies.

Second, local sympathy may set in. After all, some law enforcers joined the protesters in kneeling with the ​​crowd. That ​may not go so well with the concept of “Show​-​of​-​Force” the White House wanted to project.

Third, local law enforcement agencies, except the local police, do not have the expertise in dispersing the crowd.

This comes just about a week after a previous controversy involving a former staff member for the Trump administration spoke out against the US President.

What do you think of their actions? Was this the right move?​


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