Comic-Con has allowed its attendees to customize their own experience.

“You can create your own schedule for panels and events you want to attend at Comic-Con International,” said Comic-Con.

The pop-culture icon is referring to MySchedule.

SCHED powered MySchedule.

The Comic-Con organizers said:

 “Once the Comic-Con International programming schedule is posted, you can create an account on

“(You can) mark which panels and events you’d like to attend.

Comic-Con also gave an instruction on how to join any panel or event.

It instructed:

“To make it easy for you, the ability to do this is located on each of our schedule pages.

Once you mark the panels and events you’d like to attend.

MySchedule will give you a complete listing of them.

Use the print option provided to print the list in any manner you choose.”

Also, Comic-Con also encourage participants to let their friends get into the action.  

“Share your schedule with your friends.

Send your schedule to your calendaring software.

Filter and search the list by types, titles, company names, artists, writers, celebrities … you name it.”

The Cancellation

Meanwhile on Mid-April, Comic-Con organizers had canceled the event due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Many other international events were canceled or moved on a later date.

July 23rd-26th was the original slate of the event.

The coronavirus has put a dent on the earnings of to those who relied on the event to boost their profit.

This includes comic book stores, artists, retailers and others involved in the event.

Thousands flocked to the San Diego to attend the Comic-Con.

In addition, it has become a tradition to attend the Comic-Con that started on March 21, 1970.

Going Virtual

Later, San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) organizers announced its Comic-Con@Home event will still be at its original scheduled dates, July 22nd-26th.

According to a CBS8 report, the event will be entirely free.
Moreover, SDCC spokesperson David Glanzer said the event will accept limitless attendees.

San Diego Convention Center is the honorary home of the SDCC.


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