Citizens urge California local leaders to prevent the possible early release of San Diego’s convicted murderer, Craig Peyer from prison due to COVID-19 concerns. 

In December 1986, Peyer, a California Highway Patrol (CHP) officer killed a 20-year-old San Diego University student while he was on duty. 

Peyer strangled and threw the victim, Cara Knott, off a bridge. 

A jury convicted and sentenced Peyer to life imprisonment, with chances for parole. 

However, according to a CBS8 report, the Parole Board denied him multiple times, due to his continuous denial of guilt to the crime. 

Cynthia Knott’s Plea To The Public

On Sunday, Cynthia Knott, the sister of Payer’s victim posted a plea to convince local California leaders to prevent Peyer’s release. 

Cynthia Knott asked the people to “write” or “email” local leaders to prevent Peyer’s release. 

“Cara Evelyn Knott was brutally murdered by this monster.”

Someone notified her family of the huge possibility of Peyer’s release from prison, Cynthia Knott said. 

According to her, Payer is a “threat to public safety” and “has never admitted guilt” that is why he “should never be released.” 

In 2012, the Parole Board gave Payer a maximum of fifteen years before his next parole hearing.

The Board reasons that he is a “threat to public safety,” Cynthia Knott said. 

The 2012 ruling also means another parole cannot be scheduled until January 2027. 

Cynthia Knott’s plea convinced people to notify California’s Governor, Gavin Newsom on this situation. 

However, there are no updates yet on the final verdict of Peyer’s possible release. 

Thousands Of Inmates, Already Released

Last week, the San Diego County District Attorney’s office announced they will notify the crime victim’s family on the release of prisoners connected to their cases to lessen the population inside the county’s prisons.

The action is also an effort to curb COVID-19 infection inside the prisons. 

According to a KPBS report, thousands of inmates identified as high-risks were already released.

More than a thousand prisoners eligible for this release will follow, KPBS said. 


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