TV personality Chrissy Teigen revealed she had to move rooms after she accidentally shared her hospital phone number online. 

“Lol(sic) I accidentally posted the phone number to my hospital room on Instagram,” Teigen wrote on Twitter. 

This reason has prompted Teigen to move to another room. 

The now-gone image shows Teigen’s hospital room and her room’s phone number in her Instagram account on Sunday, reports said. 

The 34-year-old star is currently at the Maternity Fetal Care Unit of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, the Daily Mail reported. 

Teigen only noticed her mishap after receiving phone calls from people, she said in the same Twitter post. 

However, it seems that people left her supportive messages because the 34-year-old called them “sweetie pies” in her post.

After her mishap, Teigen also shared a picture of her “great” hospital food on Twitter. 

Not the First Time To Post Her Personal Information

Teigen’s mishap is not the first time that Teigen posted something personal in public. 

In fact, last year, the celebrity accidentally posted her email address

She later changed her email address after getting face times and positive messages from people, per a Buzzfeed report last year. 

Teigen Is Experiencing Heavy-Bleeding

The American model is currently pregnant with her and singer-songwriter, John Legend’s third child. 

According to reports, Teigen revealed on her Instagram that she’s experiencing heavy bleeding on Sunday.

“I was always, always bleeding,” she shared. 

In fact, it’s “been going on for like a month,” she said.

According to her, the bleeding she experienced on Saturday was “a bit different” than the usual menstruation amount.

“My placenta is really, really weak,” she explained. 

However, she also assures everyone that the baby inside her is “so healthy.”

“I feel really good,” the model shared. 

She added that the baby is growing much stronger than her two older children “Luna and Miles.”


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