Mexico’s Customs will start rejecting “chocolate cars” from entering the country through the borders of Baja, California as part of its regulation effort, said the Border Report. 

Starting this week, vehicles coming in from the US will have to undergo inspections at the checkpoints before entering the country.

Mexico’s Customs has “data” about the cars coming in, said Mario Escobedo, Mexico’s Secretary of Sustainable Economy and Tourism. 

The new rule will only apply to new vehicles coming into the country after the registration announcement, he said.

Last week, authorities announced that people should “legalize” their “chocolate cars” by paying an amount of 3,500 pesos or around $170. 

According to them, cars that are already in Mexico are qualified for registration. 

Unregistered cars will be seized. 

The taking of unregistered cars will apply to those that are already in Baja, California, Escobedo said. 

Chocolate cars are still “part” of the “culture” that is why the campaign focuses on allowing “people to legalize their cars,” Escobedo said, as per the Border Report. 

Unregistered cars, according to Escobedo, are “creating a problem” because “there’s no way to identify them.”

According to Governor Jaime Bonilla Valdez of Baja, California, “95% of the crimes” carried out in vehicles use chocolate cars.

Also, the lack of identification in chocolate vehicles makes it hard to follow up on crime investigations. 

According to an El Sol De Tijuana report, in 2018, the Ministry of Finance estimated the number of chocolate cars in Baja, California to be around 800,000.

However, there is no way to know the exact number of these vehicles due to its illegal importation through the borders of Tijuana and Tecate. 

What are Chocolate Cars?

Chocolate Cars are used to describe cars that are unlawfully imported from the US to Mexico. 

These cars use US license plates and are never registered in Mexico, saving people some money. 

However, Mexico loses revenue from this kind of practice, Border Report said. 


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