Last Friday, the TIME magazine announced that Nathan Law got first place in its annual TIME100 list of the world’s most influential people. 

3.8% of the 4.7 million TIME readers voted for Law, TIME reported. 

Law is a leading figure in Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement.

He was also the founder of the now-defunct pro-democracy organization, Demosisto.

Hong Kong citizens elected him as a legislator.

However, he was disqualified after questioning China during his oath-taking. 

Last July, Law left Hong Kong after Beijing imposed a new national security law in Hong Kong. 

Law is now based in the UK where he continues his work in forwarding a pro-democracy Hong Kong. 

Other leading pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong lauded Law bagging first place in TIME’s 100 most influential list. 

Joshua Wong, another leader of pro-democracy Demosisto congratulated Wong for his achievement. 

Wong also thanked the people’s support in Hong Kong’s “broader fight for democracy.”

Netizen’s Retort

The Global Times, wrote a report about the netizens of Weibo’s reaction to Law winning the poll. 

The Times is a Chinese media, affiliated with the Chinese government.  

The China-affiliated media called Law a “high-profile rioter.” 

Beijing charged Law with secession and accuses him of colluding with foreign forces to destroy China and Hong Kong. 

Netizens denounced TIME magazine’s “bad taste” of choosing someone who destroys Hong Kong. 

Chinese netizens pointed out that the magazine will pick any person who wants to destroy Hong Kong, per the Times. 

Also, netizens accuse Law of earning money from “destroying Hong Kong.” 

According to the Times, even Hong Kong’s media questioned Law’s nomination to the magazine. 

TIME100 list’s result came from the collection of votes from its readers and has featured China’s president Xi Jinping various times. 

Misinformation Campaign

It is a common knowledge that China censors its media.

Law called the Global Times report a joke in his Twitter post because of China’s censorship issue.

“It’s all about misinformation and smearing campaigns,” Law wrote. 


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