twitter account hacked

The Chinese Embassy in the UK reported to Twitter that some “anti-China” entities attacked Ambassador to the UK, Liu Xiaoming’s Twitter account to “deceive the public.”

According to the Chinese Embassy’s spokesperson, they “strongly condemn” such despicable behavior.

The embassy urged the social networking site to “handle” the matter “seriously” and make “thorough investigations” on the matter. 

The Chinese Embassy also expects the public to “not believe and spread” the story. 

What Happened On Twitter, Definitely Will Not Stay On Twitter

The statement from the Chinese Embassy to the UK came after Twitter users noticed a ten-second indecent video on the Ambassador’s “likes feed.”

The Ambassador’s Twitter account has now unliked the post. 

However, Chinese and Hong Kong politics observer, Luke de Pulford was able to screencap the Ambassador’s action. 

“Is this what Roosevelt called big stick diplomacy?” de Pulford wrote in his Twitter post. 

The ten-second video shows a woman “m——-ting a man with her feet,” describes de Pulford.

The post and the story have been going around on Twitter and other media sites since Wednesday, and some people even made memes out of the situation. 

One Hong Kong-based parody account made a meme of the whole situation making fun of Xiaoming and China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi. 

Other people found the action, despicable. 

On a More Serious Note, Xiaoming Denies the Maltreatment of the Uyghur Group in China

China’s treatment of the Muslim ethnic group in China, the Uyghurs have been under scrutiny recently from human rights groups and the international community.

There are reports of forced sterilization on women and sending people to concentration camps in the region of Xinjiang. 

However, last month, Xiaoming denied these reports.

According to him, the Uyghur people are living peacefully and harmoniously with other ethnic groups in China, as per the Guardian.

This is after he was shown footage of a group of men, blindfolded and shackled, being led to a train in a BBC interview. 

The train is believed to be going to a concentration camp in Xinjiang.  

Xiaoming denied the footage shows human rights violations. 

“I do not know where you get this videotape,” he told Andrew Marr in an interview with BBC.

He explained that sometimes, countries have to transfer their prisoners.


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