China Warns UK

China issued a warning to the UK for its intrusion with Hong Kong’s affairs, said a BBC report.

Ambassador Liu Xiaoming said he hoped the UK would reconsider its offer of citizenship for Hong Kongers.

“The UK government keeps making irresponsible remarks on Hong Kong affairs,” Liu told a virtual news conference.

The ambassador claimed that the decision on how Beijing intended to respond would be made once it knew the details.

The Ambassador also warned the UK that if it decided against using Chinese tech giant Huawei’s technology to build its 5G network.

Lui added that this would send a “very bad message to other Chinese businesses”.


UK’s Concern Over Hong Kong

The UK has shown concern with Hong Kong, as it was its former colony.

The British government had handover Hong Kong to the Chinese Communist Party on July 1st, 1997.

Since then, Hong Kong enjoyed the “One Country, Two System” as they were free to go about their business as if they are still a British colony.

All had changed just recently, as China passed a new national security law.

According to oppositions it erodes Hong Kong’s freedoms as a semi-autonomous region.

The UK reacted to the new law with an offer of a path to citizenship for up to 3 million Hong Kongers.

Gross Interference?

Ambassador Liu said the UK’s offer amounted to “gross interference”.

However, British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab rejected the accusation.

The UK has argued that China had defaulted the agreement that took effect in 1997.

Under the agreement, there will be certain freedoms to Hong Kong for 50 years.

This is in exchange for returning the territory back to Beijing.

Raab insisted the plan to allow millions of British Nationals (Overseas) to come to the UK is not an “interference.”

The UK Foreign Secretary said:

“We want a positive relationship with China

“… but the real issue here is one of trust,

“And whether China can be trusted to live up to its international obligations and its international responsibilities.”


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