A Chinese court in the province of Henan sentenced a kindergarten teacher to death for poisoning more than twenty children in her school, CNA reported. 

According to CNA, the teacher poisoned the students as an act of revenge against another colleague. 

The court in the central part of the province of Henan identified the teacher as Wang Yun. 

Wang had put “sodium nitrate” on the students’ porridge and has left twenty-five toddlers sick.

Last January, one of those children died after a severe sickness, reports said. 

According to the Jiaozuo City Intermediate People’s Court, Wang was aware of the effect of sodium nitrate on people. 

However, the schoolteacher still went ahead without any regard “for the consequences” to the children. 

The event was not the first time children were victims of poisoning. 

In March, in the province of Sichuan, a “moldy food” sent more than 30 elementary school students to the hospital. 

In 2002, in the city of Nanjing, adults and children died after eating food laced with rat poison.

What Happened After Wang’s Poisoning

Last year, in March, the Beijing News reported that children began fainting and vomiting after eating their breakfast. 

According to one parent, per the Beijing News, he received a call from the school.

The parent rushed to the hospital and found his child being treated by doctors to prevent high levels of poison in the child’s blood. 

According to an AFP report, the poisoning in Jiaozu last year “came” before a new regulation for children’s safety took effect. 

A Regulation on Food Safety in Schools

A regulation that aims to fix problems on school food in China was passed last year.

The regulation requires school officials to dine with the students to ensure food safety and keep a record of the meal.

The children’s parents can also join and add suggestions on food safety and nutrition, per China Daily. 


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