The La Mesa Police Department has decided to drop all charges against Amaurie Johnson, a 23-year-old man who was arrested near a trolley station in La Mesa. 

“After a full review of all of the evidence in the criminal investigation against Amaurie Johnson..the La Mesa Police Department will not be seeking prosecution of Mr. Johnson or any of the alleged misdemeanor charges (he was arrested for)”. LMPD Lt. Greg Runge said.

On May 27, a controversial video of Amaurie Johnson surfaced and became viral on social media. The video showed Johnson and a La Mesa police officer in an argument and Johnson being pushed down into a sitting position. 

According to a CBS8 report, Johnson was arrested on the suspicion of assault and resisting arrest. In a conference this week, LMPD Chief Walt Vazquez said that the officer called Johnson out for allegedly smoking near the station, which Johnson denied.  

The Attorney representing Johnson, Genevieve Jones-Wright, said that the charges against Johnson being dropped is, “absolutely not enough” and that she did not see any acknowledgement of any violation against his human and constitutional rights. 

“I did not see a commitment from the La Mesa Police Department, that this would never happen again on their watch,” she added, that, “while he is happy for himself, he has a broader perspective, he never want another person to go through this kind of contact with law enforcement again, and so he wants change”


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