Two police officers were shot and the Hall of Justice was set on fire following the ruling of a Jefferson County grand jury on Breonna Taylor’s death, reports said. 

The grand jury announced its ruling after six months of civil unrest and protests against the officers responsible for Taylor’s death. 

The ruling indicted one officer with Wanton Endangerment of Neighbors.

Taylor’s family attorney, Ben Crump, found the ruling“ outrageous and offensive,” per his post on Twitter. 

According to Crump, the charges were “for bullets that went into other apartments,” he wrote. 

However, there was “nothing” on Taylor’s death. 

Protesters took to the streets demanding justice for Taylor’s death because of the limited charges against the police. 

According to police Chief Robert Schroeder, the two officers who were shot sustained “non-threatening injuries.” 

One of them is currently in a stable condition, while the other one is undergoing surgery. 

Journalist of Courier Journal, Hayes Gardner also reported protesters have set fire at the Hall of Justice, and a trashcan at “Sixth and Jefferson.” 

Mayor Greg Fischer of Lousiville has announced a curfew before the announcement of the grand jury. 

According to Fox News, the police arrested at least 46 protesters.  

On March 13, Taylor, 26, was shot by plainclothes officers inside her apartment with a no-knock warrant. 

Kenneth Walker, Taylor’s boyfriend shot one of the police on the leg after thinking they were intruders. 

The officers then started to open fire and killed Taylor, a certified city EMT, multiple times.  

In June, the city passed Breonna’s Law banning no-knock warrants in the city. 

Recently, the city announced to give Taylor’s family a $12 million settlement. 

What are the Charges Against the Officers 

On Wednesday, the grand jury finally released its ruling against the three Louisville Metropolitan Police officers involved in shooting Taylor. 

The grand jury charged one officer, Brett Hankison with “three counts of Wanton Endangerment,” per another NPR report. 

Wanton Endangerment is a low-level charge for a felony, per CNN

The LMPD have already terminated  Hankison before the ruling. 

Hankison shot Taylor ten times and gets a bond of $15,000, per NPR. 

However, the grand jury did not charge the two other officers with Hankison. 

Jonathan Mattingly and Myles Cosgroves, the other two officers, did not get any indictment. 

The FBI’s ballistic report established that the two also fired their guns on the night of Taylor’s death. 

Attorney General Daniel Cameron said in a press briefing that the two officer’s “use of force” was justified. 

Mattingly fired six shots, while Cosgrove fired sixteen shots. 

According to the two officers, they just opened fire after Kenneth Walker, Taylor’s boyfriend, shot Mattingly in his leg.

Moreover, Cameron cited evidence showing the officers’ “knocked and announced” themselves upon entering Taylor’s apartment. 

The evidence consists of the two officers’ statements and one witness. 

However, there were no videos or bodycam to back the officers and the witness’ statements. 


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