The featured image is a cat because it is the celebration of International Cat Day.

Every year, the 8th of August is the celebration of International Cat Day.

It is a special day to pamper and appreciate our pets.

International Fund for Animal Welfare and other groups began the celebration in 2002.

As per Ecology Global Network estimates, there are about 600 million cats in the world.

Pets, strays, homeless, and feral cats are included.

Wildcats are estimated at 100 million.

No doubt to celebrate the special day of our furry, feline friends, because it is a must!

Twitter Overflows With #InternationalCatDay

Cat lovers around the world celebrate through social media.

Different tweets, memes, pictures, and videos of their pets are circulating with the hashtag #InternationalCatDay.

At the moment, Twitter is overflowing with adorable pictures of many types of cats and kittens.

Take a look, and enjoy it.

Other Ways To Celebrate

There are other ways to celebrate.

Volunteering at a cat rescue center or by donating food and blankets is an example of a celebration.

Another way to show your love is by donating to a cat charity.

You could even visit a cat cafe.

Also, you could just give your pet an extra ear scratch, a cat toy, or even any kind of special treat.

How To Buy Best Cat Foods?

“Cats are often thought of and fed as smaller dogs,” according to Tim Julien, DVM, the chief medical officer at Paz Veterinary in Austin, Texas.

Buying cat food is just like looking at breakfast: Start with a nutritionally balanced diet.

“You need food that is complete and balanced and appropriate for the life-stage of your cat,” says Bruce Kornreich, DVM, the director of the Cornell Feline Health Center in Ithaca, New York.

He recommends looking for a nutritional adequacy label from the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), a nonprofit organization that assesses what’s in pet food and animal feed.


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