The featured image is front liners wearing masks together with an infant. It was chosen because 85 infants contracted covid-19 in Texas.

Texas reported 85 infants under the age of 1 who tested positive with the coronavirus, as per a CNN report. 

Anette Rodriguez, Director of Public Health in Corpus Christi, Nueces County, Texas announced the update.

“These babies have not even had their first birthday yet,” she said. 

“Please help us stop the spread of this disease,” she asked of everyone. 

Because of this situation, local leaders urge their citizens to wear masks and apply social distancing. 

Cases of the coronavirus have been increasing in the Corpus Christi city.

The cases suddenly increased in July, said CNN. It happened after the state is starting to flatten its curve.

Nueces “has the fastest growth in new cases” in Texas, said Peter Zanoni, city manager of Corpus Christi. 

“It has the fastest growth compared to other “metropolitan county in the state”. 

He also added some details on the sudden increase. 

According to him, the virus trend in Texas is “relatively flat until July”. 

However, in July, the county suddenly experiences a huge spike in its cases. 

“This is why it’s turned into a major problem” for the County, he added. 

The image is a girl wearing mask. It symbolizes the 85 babies contracted COVID-19 in Texas.

Increasing Number of Cases, Texas Turning into a COVID-19 Hotspot

Small gatherings of people visiting tourist destinations are the ones spreading the disease, experts said, as per a Texas Tribune report. 

This behavior is more rampant among younger people and this may be the reason for having new hotspots, they added. 

In the case of Corpus Christi, 2% of the population in the city are infected by the virus, said the report. 

The cases are more than the number of cases “per capita than Harris or Dallas counties”. 

Texas Mandatory Wearing of Masks, Better Late than Never

Recently, Governor Greg Abbot of Texas issued a statewide order of wearing masks, as per another Texas Tribune report. 

This is after resisting calls for requiring the wearing of masks in public, added the report.  


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