A bunch of priests and bishops gather in front of the image of blessed Carlo Acutis

The Catholic Church has beatified the first possible Millenial saint, Carlo Acutis, in a ceremony in Assisi, Italy, on Saturday, according to BBC.

Dubbed as “the Patron Saint of the Internet”

“Carlo used the internet in service of the Gospel,” to get through to “as many people” as he possibly can, said Cardinal Agostino Vallini during the ceremony.

Acutis, believed by many, is the youngest modern-day individual to undergo the beatification process, which is the last stage before sainthood.

The 15-year-old Italian died in 2006 of Acute Myeloid Leukemia, one of the worst leukemia types, the Vatican News reported.

The Vatican ruled he had miraculously saved a Brazilian boy’s life in 2013, per BBC.

The boy- Mattheus, and his mother asked Acutis to pray for the healing of the boy’s pancreatic birth defect, per the Catholic Telegraph.

The “healing began immediately” when Mattheus touched Carlo Acutis’ picture, Fr. Nicola Gori told Italian media.

Fr. Nicola Gori is the priest responsible for the advancement of Acutis’ sainthood cause. 

Very Tech-Savvy, Very Millennial, and Very Saintly Indeed

Millennials, albeit the much-vilified generation, have produced the youngest beatified individual, Carlo Acutis.

In fact, the Time Magazine in agreement with the older generations, describes millennials as idle, “entitled, self-obsessed narcissists.” 

However, with Carlo Acutis’ beatification, the Internet-Savvy Millennials’ reputation is now vindicated by the young “Patron Saint of the Internet.”

People considered him “ a computer genius,” Antonia Salzano, his mom said in an interview with Vatican News.

However, Acutis “didn’t use [computers] to chat or have fun,” Salzano added.

The young computer whizz, in fact, helped run websites for local Catholic institutions, BBC reported.

Acutis also used his computer knowledge in creating a website that traced the Eucharistic miracles all throughout history, per Vatican News. 

Blessed Carlo Acutis' Body laying inside his resting place

Charitable and Altruistic 

Contrary to the usual description of his generation of being self-obsessed, Acutis thought of others’ plight.

The teen did charity work and also helped at a soup kitchen in Milan.

His funeral was full of local people he helped with his own money.

“With his savings, he bought sleeping bags for homeless people, and in the evening, he brought them hot drinks,” according to his mother.

The Final Step 

For Acutis to achieve sainthood, the Vatican would have to authenticate a second miracle in his name, BBC reported.

Acutis, thus, is only one miracle away from sainthood, or not, because Pope Francis has previously waived that requirement.


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