California reported its first teenage COVID-19 related death, said a CBS8 report.

Valley Children’s Hospital in Madera confirmed this in a Facebook post.

In a statement the hospital said:

“The death of this patient reaffirms that children…are not immune from the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is imperative, now more than ever, for us to all work together to prevent further spread of this disease.”

State health officials confirmed this was the first young person to die in California from the virus, said the report.

However, they did not disclose the exact age or name of the deceased.

The report added that in general, are catching COVID-19 at a remarkably higher rate nationwide and within San Diego County.

The Data

According to data, children younger than 20 years old account for 10.7 percent of all local cases but zero deaths.

This is data is from San Diego County.

Moreover, adults older than 70 years old account for 7.8 percent of all local cases.

But, this category accounts for 69.4% of the deaths in the county.

However, the death of a teen adds to the debate.

Specifically: whether children should return to school for in-person learning.

To be able to do so, San Diego County must get off the state’s watchlist.

And containing the virus before in-person school can be fully implemented is paramount.

San Diego Unified School District recently released its plan for distance learning.

Wherein, six hours of study with three hours of live instruction, seven subjects of teaching, and grading information.

COVID-19 Update

To date, the Johns Hopkins University and Medicine COVID-19 Resource Center, estimated about 18,093,891 infected people around the world.

The United States lead the chart with 4,667,957 cases, followed by Brazil with 2,733,677 case, and India with 1,803,695. 


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