Will it remain open or will it be closed again?

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer cleared once and for all that the beaches in the State of California will remain open.

This is following a report that California Governor Gavin Newsom ordered the state-wide closure of all its beaches after the social distancing measures violation went rampant in Orange County.

“It (beaches) remain open a reminder on physical distancing those rules are placed for a reason a reminder you can be on the beach on the sand you can run you can walk but no stopping no sitting down or lying down. In the ocean you can swim, surf, paddle board and kayak and now boats,” said Faulconer in his daily news briefings.

The Mayor clarified that he did receive a call from the Natural Resources Department saying that we are going to be closed to all beaches.

“But I’m glad that course was reversed and I think it reinforces again that San Diego is doing the right thing, I appreciate the Governor today said San Diego was doing an outstanding job, I agree with him,” he added. 

Faulconer again shows his gratitude to San Diegans and reminded them to keep observe social distancing.

“Thank you, San Diegans for doing the right things on our beaches you’ve been a great example not only for California but the rest of the nation our continued success is in your hands,” stressed the Mayor.


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