CA nursing home is the background of the image because it is the key focus of the article. A canvass of girls with masks was included to show that precautionary measures are done in resuming visitation.

California health officials recently allowed nursing home visits, said a KPBS report.

Authorities had issued guidance for visits to resume, but few are happening as infection rates surge in many communities.

However, facilities are still being cautious after many suffered severe outbreaks earlier in the pandemic, said the report.

Limiting one person at a time is indoor invitation.

This is under California’s new guidance.

These conditions are allowed: there’s adequate staffing, testing and no new virus cases in a facility for 14 days, a decline in new cases and there is few hospitalizations or deaths in the surrounding community.

Otherwise, facilities are supposed to allow outdoor visits.

They should follow infection control protocols, too.

Even when there are reported cases, the California’s Department of Public Health spokesperson’s Rodger Butler, said that outdoor visits should be allowed. .

Even though local health officers can choose to limit visitation if they feel it’s too risky for nursing home residents.

The Opposition For The Visits

However, there are still those who oppose the guidelines.

Tony Chicotel, a staff attorney for California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform, believed the state’s guidance hasn’t made much difference yet.

Chicotel said:

“I have not heard from anybody since the new policy went into place on June 26th.

Who (ever) said, ‘Hey, I am now able to visit my loved one in a nursing home, at least outdoors?”

DeAnn Walters, director of clinical affairs at California Association of Health Facilities, said there more needed to be done.

She noted that first outdoor visits need to be monitored and require staff time.

Second facilities might be reluctant to take that on while dealing with virus cases.

Walters said:

“Having some kind of safe visit is important.

“Just because one entity says, ‘Hey, this is OK,’

“(Then) we still have to be responsive to the other agencies that guide us.”


Other nursing homes seem to know there is still the risk of spreading the virus, so they come up with their adaption.

Chaparral House, a skilled nursing facility in Berkeley, created special procedures, said the report.

This is for outdoor visits for residents who can’t join in video chats due to health conditions

It will also apply to those who are dying.

Visitors must make appointments, wear masks, and get tested for the virus.

An open-air patio is where the residents Vienna Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Lodi, California where brought.

In the enclosed by a wrought-iron fence, and relatives could make appointments.

They can see them from a spot on the public sidewalk nearby, albeit over the din of traffic, said the report.


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