The famous Korean boy group BTS will be having a collaboration with R&B artist Jason Derulo and Jawsh 685, BTS’s official account posted on Twitter on Monday. 

The announcement came after fans speculated on a possible Derulo and BTS collaboration on the hit song, Savage Love. 

The group, along with Derulo and Jawsh 685, will do a collaboration remix on the song Savage Love on Friday, per BTS’ twitter post. 

According to a Billboard report, the collaboration announcement came after news of their new album release on November 2020, BE (Deluxe Edition).

The new album will include their number one hit song, Dynamite. 

According to Derulo’s TikTok post, he will “make a special announcement” once his TikTok post gets “ten million likes.”

Savage Love, released in 2020, earned the number one spot in various countries including the US, and Australia. 

It also gained popularity in the famous video-sharing app, TikTok’s dance challenges. 

About BTS’ New Album 

BTS’ new album, BE (Deluxe Edition), will impart a “message of healing to the world,” per Variety. 

The message is due to the current situation and the new normal caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

According to Variety, BTS’ new album also involves the boys in its overall production, including “concept, composition,” and design.

On the Group’s Hit Song, Dynamite

Dynamite is the group’s first song released in full English.

It was released in August. 

The song broke another record on YouTube after it got the most views in twenty-four hours. 

It is also the first Korean pop song to top the Billboard Hot 100, two weeks in a row.  

On Sunday, Derulo posted on his TikTok the same video and remix BTS’ official twitter account posted on Monday.

According to a Variety report, Spotify revealed that the song has “sparked a 300%” increase on Kpop listeners for the first time. 


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