Vista officers arrested two brothers who are suspects to an August 12th “road rage” and “robbery incident.”

The two were arrested on several charges and are now behind bars, as per a News Release by the Sheriff’s Department. 

Charges against the brothers include “conspiracy” and “robbery.”

Both are being detained at the Vista Detention Facility while waiting for their arraignment on August 28th, an NBC San Diego report said. 

What Happened On August 12th

According to the Sheriff’s Department’s report, the incident happened “near the 1300 block of Melrose Way” before 9:30 pm. 

Matthew Giordano, 29, and his brother, John Giordano, 23, were driving around in a gray “Chevy Silverado” truck during the night of the incident. 

Due to an unknown reason, the older Giordano suddenly became angry and started following a car while brandishing a weapon to the other driver, officers said. 

After some time, the brothers cut the other driver off and stopped their truck in front of the vehicle. 

Matthew Giordano got out of his Chevy and began punching the victim’s car side window, detectives say. 

While the confrontation was ongoing, Matthew Giordano’s brother, John, was smashing the car’s windshield.

According to the report, John Giordano used a “metal tool” to smash the windshield. 

After some time, the other driver opened his car, in which Matthew Giordano then took the driver’s jewelry and money, estimated to be worth about $2,000. 

Another car was also involved in the incident. 

After destroying the windshield of the first car, John Giordano then went on to smashing another car’s windshield. 

The two took off along with the drivers’ valuables. 

After talking to the witnesses and the victims, detectives went to Sapphire Lane to serve a search warrant against the two. 

According to the department’s report, the estimated cost of damage to the two vehicles amounts between $5,000 and $10,000. 


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