A mother stressed out by her daughter's homeschooling

Due to the high cases of COVID-19 in the country, more and more parents are opting to homeschool their kids. 

However, a huge number of those parents felt forced in doing it.

As of Friday, the United Kingdom reported around 564,000 COVID-19 cases in the country and more than 40,000 deaths.

In fact, the UK has one of the highest numbers of COVID-19 cases in Western Europe, and in 12th place worldwide. 

Recently, one of its MP said that the country is now in an unbelievable “serious situation,” per a BBC report. 

In fact, Sir Jeremy Farrar, one of the government’s scientific advisors, warned the country is now back to facing the choices it went through in March. 

According to Farrar, England is now close to or at “events and choices of 13-23 March,” per Sky News.

The UK’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is expected to impose three different lockdown tiers in England next week.

A playground swing covered in caution tape after being locked down due to COVID 19

Parents Face Huge Fines for Children’s Absences

The central government requires everyone to return to full-time lessons, per the Guardian.

However, many families don’t want to because of the threat of the virus, especially families with members who have serious health conditions. 

During the lockdown, many parents have started homeschooling their children.

Some parents eventually welcome the idea of homeschooling after trying it during that time. 

However, some are forced now due to threats of paying fine because of a government policy, the Guardian reports. 

According to a UK policy, parents from the UK might get in trouble if there is no reasonable basis for their children’s absence

According to the Guardian, fines might cost each parent between £60 to £2,500. 

In the worst case, parents might even get a jail sentence. 

Because of those rules, many parents have only two choices:

Send their kids to school, or de-register them and become in charge of their education.


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